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Author Info

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA, I've had a good life. My wife jokes that I came from the Leave it to Beaver family because we're just too perfect even in adulthood. I don't know about that, but I do know I've been tremendously blessed. I'm fairly active and a bit of a health nut – but not too much. Craft beer and fly fishing are my primary pursuits now that I'm middle-aged.

My long-time best friend died in 2012 of complications from MS. His name was Brett Foss. I named the Brandon character after him, but in reality Brandon is probably much more like me than Brett. Then again, not so much like either of us. Brett would make a great character in a story because he was such a character in real life.

I am definitely a character-driven fiction writer as opposed to a plot-driven one. The characters, once let loose on my keyboard, end up taking over and doing their own thing. It kind of bugs me. Sure, I have a story idea when I start. But once the characters become self-aware (and that usually happens pretty early on) I can't control them anymore and the story does it's own thing. I'm starting to think maybe that's the only way to get a real story. Maybe we creative writers aren't all that creative after all.



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Please feel free to reach me in any of the following ways: 

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In appreciation for signing up to my mailing list, you'll  be given access to a free short story I've written that coincides with the Test of Magnitude timeline. I really like this story. It's a rollicking good time with the "other two" species that were kept in cryonic preservation at Research Lab 71.


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